Voyages of the New and Self-Discovery




To produce success of any kind – A lasting success, one cannot expect those who are already successful to make one successful. One has to take the initiative, be creative, original, realise there are no such things as a ‘Comfort Zone’ nor ‘Complacency’. If anyone wants to be successful, they have to be ‘prepared to take what they can get’. One also has to realise success in any form comes via original thought, thinking outside the norm and by being creative, as well as being innovative.

Consider the following:-

  • How many people have an idea that will make them successful?
  • How many are writing or have written a screenplay that just remained a file on their laptop computer?
  • And how many people write and produce plays or short films that never last as works because they take short cuts, hire actors they don’t pay in productions that are not properly resourced nor funded?

The answers to all of the above questions can be summed in one answer: I have no idea whatsoever! I have read many new works, been a part of productions that were not properly resourced nor funded. All of which never got off the ground. The will, the effort, the drive, the ambition just wasn’t there in the first place so such projects never had a chance in the first place of any success, let alone any lasting success as a work in itself. So in a nutshell, I know what doesn’t work. Now, I am interested in what actually works, and know what actually works – Properly researched, resourced and funded projects. Those that have any real chance of succeeding and making a lasting impression.

What I am proposing as a solution to the above is my Magellan-Fifteen20 Initiative (MF20) – An ongoing project that will allow me to devote my time and energies to creating as well as supporting new writing, original works in The Arts and elsewhere. I personally have new writing in development as well as digital art and photographic projects also in need of resourcing and development. As a Creative, I am fully versed in the needs of the creative/artiste and the support they require. As my projects need resourcing and development, this was the main thrust and reasons why I set up MF20.



Why bother? Simple. I believe in my Initiative. I believe it can and will work. To my knowledge (and I may be wrong here,) but no one individual is taking a long-term view to not only resourcing his work, career and projects via mass donations but no one individual is seeking to support and develop talent and new creativity by the Model I am proposing here. Again, I could be wrong but the endless meetings I have attended, the combined hours spent in audition waiting rooms exchanging ideas, no one else has proposed the ideas I am proposing on an individual basis for themselves, let alone on a long-term ongoing basis. It does not seem possible but no one has really tried it on an open, ethical basis – Again not to the best of my knowledge.

There are many people who invest many thousands of British Pounds (GBP), Dollars and every other currency one can think of, in becoming actors, artists, writers or any other media or arts career one can think of. And yet, how many end up working in ‘Starbucks’, Prêt ‘a’ Manger or in an office somewhere? I know because I have been there and there is no outlet for one’s creativity and talent, unless that employment is in close proximity to the actual career you trained for. Nothing is impossible and everything is possible. This is another aim of MF20 – To give Hope when all seems lost. To create those opportunities that don’t seem to be present elsewhere, unless you are already well-established and successful.

One person can make a difference and change the way things are done. Everything seems to be done by ‘committee’ and no one person ‘green lights’ a project or takes or makes a decision. This maybe fine for the corporate world but where the spark of creativity exists this concept does not work so well. It needs someone with resources and contacts in place that can back, finance and resource the initial development stages of any project, before a presentation can be made to corporate backers and sponsors. Magellan-Fifteen20 with its backing via public donations can be that someone. MF20 is a completely independent organisation, formed to promote innovation, original ideas and thinking, as well as turning convention on its head and achieving success with productions and projects, that will tell stories people have been waiting to hear told or projects people did not think possible. MF20 is about the New, the Original, Creativity and Innovation.



Objectives: To facilitate the creative process to create new writing and projects that are fresh, original, exciting by turning convention on its head by doing things in a new original way.


How: By setting up a website dedicated to the work of MF20 explaining who we are, what we do, our intentions, our vision and long-term plans for the future of the Initiative, asking for your support via online donations.

When: At the time of writing, we are hoping to launch MF20 by late December 2013 – January 2014 at the latest *. As most of the Website is in place, all that is left is the preparation and writing of this Proposal and uploading it to the Website. Once MF20 goes ‘Live’ it is expected the first year will be devoted to the promotion of MF20 as an Initiative with a difference, gaining global support via online donations while continuing work on a play and screenplay via sister organisation ‘Ashanti Dreamweaver’, which should be completed by late 2014. There are other projects in development but any further work will continue depending on the level of support provided. Long term from 2015 onward we would be looking to seek out and develop new talent on an ongoing permanent basis. Again the scope of this would depend on the level of support received, which is why 2014 will largely devoted to promotion, raising awareness, seeking global support and sponsorship via donations for MF20.

*Magellan-Fifteen20 actually launched on the evening of Sunday 8th December 2013.

Why: Something needs to change. The Media and Arts world is full of the same kind of people doing the same old things, using the same old faces. Nothing new, original, innovative seems to come through easily. But then everything is corporate and controlled by executives who don’t necessarily think the way creatives do. And yet they are the gatekeepers who green light and finance projects. If one has an idea, it needs to be developed, financed and resourced – i.e. prepared in a format those executives will want to see. MF20 with support from global donations is not playing the ‘The Game’ that all too often stifles creativity, innovation and many stories from being told or expressed. MF20 is about turning convention on its head and doing things in a new, exciting way. Ultimately enabling people to work in the creative careers they have invested time, money and effort in being trained for.



Magellan-Fifteen20 is entirely web-based. At the time of writing its Founder Dwight D’Aguilar will be running the Initiative on a full-time basis around existing commitments. A creative director is already in place but they will be working on projects currently in development at Ashanti Dreamweaver. They will also be involved in promoting awareness and the concept of what MF20 is about via their contacts and networks. At the time of writing, there is no salary being paid. As MF20 is web-based, there should be little if any expenses incurred as the majority of the promotion and awareness will be done online via Social Media Networks during the first year. This could change after the first year dependent on the level of support via donations MF20 receives. How far and how fast MF20 moves and expands is dependent on support via online donations.



An evaluation plan is not normally considered until a project is over. Magellan-Fifteen20 is not a finite project. It has no end. It was set up as a continuous ongoing Project. Its expansion and resourcefulness is dependent on global donations by private individuals who share our vision and beliefs in making a difference in the creative and media world. Any evaluation will be based on the level of support and backing we receive. As there are no costs such as staffing/administration and everything is entirely web-based, costs are virtually non-existent. However, as MF20 expands in its scope and level of support, the above could well change.



With virtually no start-up costs and being web-based, Magellan-Fifteen20 is sustainable in the long term. Its work will be dependent on global donations from individuals who share our vision of what MF20 stands for. Personal donations are a key factor in MF20 moving forward and any support via this Model would be an ongoing source of finance. However as MF20 expands in scope and influence, it is hoped that projects it backed in the development stages would provide a return on any investment MF20 made initially, thus providing an additional source of revenue and income. Again as MF20 expands in scope and vision, it is hoped some kind of sponsorship via private finance will provide additional sources of revenue on a regular basis. Should this happen a re-evaluation of MF20 web-based only existence would need to be reassessed and in light of that study changes would need to be made and formalised.



In this Proposal I have given a broad outline of my Vision of Magellan-Fifteen20 and what we want to achieve. So few are given everything and so many don’t even get a chance – Nothing. That has to change. I think we have moved beyond the notion of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. I have made many sacrifices and paid a heavy price for my dreams and keeping the faith that my vision will come to pass.

Magellan-Fifteen20 has existed in my mind for several years before I built a skeletal website three years ago. Now it is a fully functional website expressing my vision of making that vision come true, not just for myself but in years to come many others who have dared to dream that impossible dream, that they too can make a difference and instigate change not just in themselves but in others who they come into contact with.

Putting MF20 together and setting it up has been a voyage of self-discovery for me. Someone once told me you cannot instigate change in others until they see the changes in you. It is my sincere hope that in reading this Proposal and exploring Magellan-Fifteen20, the Website itself, as well as the Link to ‘The House of Ideas’ aka ‘Ashanti Dreamweaver’, you will have a much better idea of who I am, what I am about, as well as the vision I have, which are the foundation stones on which MF20 is built on.

I hope you too will share the Vision and Passion I have for making all I have shared with you a reality. I hope too you will also support my Initiative with whatever you can. No donation is too big or too small. Whether you choose a one-off donation or a donation on a regular basis, all donations are gratefully accepted with thanks. Thank you for your time and patience in reading this Proposal.


Dwight D’Aguilar

Founder & CEO