Voyages of the New and Self-Discovery

About MF20

The Idea

There comes a time when convention needs to be turned on its head. Nothing new can be created nor innovated, whilst complacency and a comfort zone exists. Having a product, an idea and positioning that idea or product, packaging it, branding it, needs a touch of original innovation. But let’s talk about ‘The Idea’.

The idea for Magellan-Fifteen20 (MF20,) came from a story an Executive reminded me of, which was the story of Ferdinand Magellan. Ferdinand had a problem. Like Christopher Columbus before him, he wanted to get the East Indies. In his case, he wanted to help his Government grab a part of the lucrative spice trade. The problem was his rivals were blocking all routes to the East. What did he do? He thought out of the box, came up with an original idea and went West instead. He achieved the first part of his journey one year later. The year was 1520.

That is why I started up MF20. I believe more people (myself included,) should do what Magellan did, in looking at issues in a new way and unlock new opportunities via original thinking. That is why MF20’s motto is: ‘Innovation isn’t innovation without originality via creativity’. Innovation isn’t just the preserve of experts and business gurus. A lot of people are naturally innovative. The problem is many of them remain consumers rather than innovators.

If one wants change, they have to become that change because it is only when other people see the change in you will they believe change in themselves is possible and act accordingly. As a Consumer, I am also a Creative and an Innovator. I am not a fan of the perceived wisdom of what people consider the norm in the creative industries. So my goal is to ‘Turn Convention on its head’ by showing the consumer (i.e. You,) they can be at the heart of what I do on my ‘Journey of Innovation’. Speaking of which:-

The Journey

Every journey begins with that first step. The most difficult step of all. This I found when I came up with the idea of MF20 and just about every creative project I have ever done or been involved in.

The journey I am making via MF20 is one of inspiration. I inspire. You inspire me. To innovate, I need insight and to gain that insight I have get close to people. People generate ideas; ideas generate creativity, which in turn generate trends from original ideas. Truly original and creative ideas. From which projects, concepts are developed and produced.


To be truly creative in an ever complex world one needs to reflect on the world’s diversity. In London alone three hundred languages are spoken according to the GLA’s (Greater London Assembly’s,) Report on London’s Cultural Diversity. This is the same for any large cosmopolitan city on the Planet, be it London, New York, Paris or Rome. There is always more to a place than meets the eye. There are many stories to be told, and to be created. And those stories are nearly always right under your nose. All you have to do is ‘look and ye shalt find’.

Magellan-Fifteen20 maybe my idea but it would not exist and it will not grow without your help and support. MF20 is about change, turning convention in the media on its head and showing things can be done differently with a lot more originality and vigour than we are currently seeing around us.

Working Together (Generating Ideas and Developing Concepts)

For anything to succeed it needs to be done with passion. All my projects were created out of a passion to succeed and enjoy the process. It is with this passion that I created MF20 to bring people together, who share my vision and passion for what MF20 stands for, as well as its intent and support me in resourcing and creating new writing projects, alongside new digital/photographic artwork.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to Magellan-Fifteen20 and like what you see of ‘My World’ – So much so you will support me now and in the future, from this day forward. Thank you for your visit.