Voyages of the New and Self-Discovery


Any Voyage of Discovery Starts with an Idea, an Ambition a Sense of Adventure
An Undeniable Will and Spirit to Succeed Against All the Odds

In the year 1520 Ferdinand Magellan achieved something no one thought possible - Completion of the first stage of his voyage to circumnavigate the world which at that time was thought to be flat.  No one thought it could be done. Those who endeavour against the impossible are those who ultimately succeed.  Even though Magellan did not survive the return journey, he paid with his life to show that it was possible to circumnavigate the world.  Due to his bravery, endeavour, spirit, garnering royal support (via Charles I of Spain,) having a sense of adventure and the willingness to take a risk, made it possible for the likes of Sir Francis Drake and others to complete what he started, opening up new territories and a gateway for private enterprise.

It is with this sense of spirit that I have started up Magellan-Fifteen20 to honour Magellan and those like him who defied the odds (sometimes at great cost to themselves,) to prove something can be done despite what anyone else says or thinks.  There are too many people in positions of power with no sense of adventure.  Nearly a decade and five into a New Century, there has never been a time or need for risk-taking, self-discovery, carving out new territories and new creativity in order to turn away the endless tide that is Austerity.  Time for a new era of success via creativity.

This is what Magellan-Fifteen20 is about.  This is at the heart of Magellan-Fifteen20.  With your help and support the impossible can once again be possible.  There is nothing that cannot be done nor achieved. ~ Dwight D'Aguilar

"If it is impossible it will be done" ~ Evel Knievel